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3 Kings Social event

Well done to everyone involved in making Sunday 7th January a very enjoyable event and we were able to celebrate Maureen Robishaws Birthday.

We had 32 members bowling in the 12 end games of bowls with every team member playing the various team roles before we had a game of killer in which the losers of the 12 end games forfeited one of their three bowls. After various elimination rounds where 50% of the bowls on each rink were eliminated we were left with the finalists.

The Final end was contested by Juan, Barbara, Angela, Matt, Christine N, Tony and Ian P to play to a jack placed a foot from the ditch. Barbara landed two foot from the jack on the edge of the ditch and it took a resting toucher from Juan to win the top prize.

We had 43 members and guest for the bring a plate lunch which was enjoyed.

After Bills "Items you wear themed music quiz" we had another 3 rounds of questions which was keenly contested, with most teams achieving 8 plus out of 10 on most categories. The raffle draw seen the prizes fairly evenly distributed around the room- congratulations to all the winners.

In the 12 days of Xmas quiz which had been posted on the website a few weeks ago nobody was able to correctly identify all 12 members and some never recognised themselves.

Winner of the Competition was Simone who correctly identified 10/12 with a few entries having 9 correct answers.

Answers were- Simone, Ian P, Christine N, Bob, Alan R, John W, Juan, Bill, Manolo, Ron, Pat and Mary.

Thanks to the Committee and those who assisted in various roles for making it another successful day for the members and the club. We also shared our thoughts with our members who were unable to attend due to recent ill health and wish them a sppedy recovery and return to the club and their friends at Mijas.

If anyone has any pictures they want to share from the day please send them to John Wilson for updating the website.

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