Accident and Maintenance books

Following the July Committee meeting it was agreed that we would create an Accident Book which will be sited beside the first aid box and it should be filled in by a member of the Committee if on site or the individual. This will provide us with a record of the event should any issues arise. Members are also reminded that your Federation fee covers the individual and the club for accidents on the rink and it is important that we collect all relevant information should an accident occur. You must carry your Federation card with you to ensure you will be dealt with under the Insurance if you need to attend a Hospital after suffering an accident at Mijas or at another Federated venue in Spain.

We will also set up a Maintenance book and should a member identify an issue with the facilities or fabric of the club, then it can be dealt with by the relevant members of the Committee and tradesmen if necessary.

Members are reminded that we have a Complaints and Suggestion box sited just inside the roller doors and that our IOURs define the normal method by which these will be dealt with. We would ask the person submitting the Complaint/Suggestions to advise the Secretary or President so that it can be dealt with prior to the next Committee meeting should they feel it requires urgent review.

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