Change to Roll up registration

Updated: 4 days ago

As we are now seeing greater numbers at the roll up sessions we need to make an adjustment to the process to ensure all of those attending are entered into the rink allocation process.

We have installed a board with a serious of hooks with a tag for all of our members and most of the regular day members (Ladies green and Gents Black) including those Federated to Santa Maria (Blue). As members arrive at the club they will be responsible for taking their Tag from the hook and place it on the table to the right hand side of the board.

We will then take these tags and you will then be allocated a rink/match.

If you want to play a reduced end game you should place your disc on the specific area for a reduced end game and we will try to accommodate.

We have allocated the upper section of the hook board to Mijas Federated members (Black gents/Red Ladies and the lowest section for those Federated to Santa Maria (all Blue). The respective areas will be set out in Alphabetical order by Christian names.

We will try to put the tags back in alphabetical order after completion of play on the day.

Regular pay and play visitors will also be allocated a tag which they can move to the table once the playing fee has been paid.

We will continue to use the white lettered tags for single day visitors when needed.

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