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Changes to members duties

Following the October Committee meeting we have made changes to the duty rota system and tasks to be conducted by the members. Effective Thursday 2nd November the members will not be required to perform the bar steward duties required within the club.

The Clubhouse Manager will (while not involved in bowling) provide bar coverage along with members of the Committee, however the general membership have been allocated to a group for specific set up and post bowling tasks. However, should a task be outstanding we would ask members to get involved in completing the work efficiently.

Mijas is a members owned club and as such the members themselves are responsible for its smooth running. Enclosed below is the task allocations list along with the group of members allocated to the various tasks and we have tried to take into account capabilities as well as when members typically attend. We should have someone from each group for every roll up and typical League and Cup matches.

I have enclosed the upcoming calendar of events etc and will continue to prepare that so members can plan accordingly.

The primary duty list can be changed if a member has a specific issue with being able to complete a specific task.

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