Clive and John C win drawn pairs

Clive Nuttall and John Corbett won the In-house Drawn Pairs final 14-15 after a sterling performance from Manolo Suarez and Dave Pointer.

This game was on a knife edge all the way through with good quality bowls despite the tricky cross wind. Manolo and David never managed to get in front during the game but the game was tied 7-7 after 7 ends, 10-10 after 10 ends and 14-14 going into the final end.

This game went down to the wire and lying 3 down and not having best back Manolo was forced to play a shot just over draw weight to avoid a short bowl. Despite playing the perfect weight he managed to knock out 2 of the shots but just ran through leaving themselves one down. Well done to all four players for making it an enjoyable and exciting game and deserving of the applause and congratulations of the viewing members.

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