COVID restrictions for bowls

No significant change to the protocols for Lawn Bowls-.Masks remain mandatory at all times.

The Lawn Bowls protocols were agreed directly with the Junta and are on top of the

general protocols for Sport to which the latest sports Bulletin attached refers, and Lawn Bowls protocols are even above the general protocols issued by the FAB for Bowling as a sport.

At this point we have not had those protocols relaxed as we continue to have

the "special circumstances" only applicable to Lawn Bowls - mainly the high

risk category age group, despite having the majority of our members fully vaccinated.

As much as we would like to see them relaxed we remain required to follow them for some time yet.

As of 13th May we can follow the guidance on the percentage of players allowed on the green (75% in Level 2), increased allowances on socialising groups (now 10 outdoors) which of course depends on the threat level in our particular area.

As a club we will continue to restrict access to the inside bar area until the strict sanitising rules are relaxed.

The Threat Levels for our area/municipality can be found by accessing the following link.

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