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Easter Funday.

Updated: Apr 7

The Easter Funday bowling and bring a plate event was held on the 6th April with 8 pairs playing to accumulate the largest score. Manolo and Angela were victorious having set off to a strong lead after 4 ends of Yard stick with 20 points on the board and were 8 points ahead of the second best team by the end of the 3-2-1 element.

John Wilson won the killer bowls with Sheila in training to get back on the rink.

The bring a plate lunch was followed by the judging of the Easter Bonnet competition by Tommy Dahlgren with Jean Bamber taking the prize for her entry, but well done to those that made the effort and especially Simon for his Evil Easter Bunny design.

Ray, Val and George won the short Easter Quiz and the Bingo session seen a number of winners.

Thanks to Jean for organising the event and decorating the clubhouse.

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