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Eoghain-Handicap Singles Winner

Congratulations to Eoghain O'Bradaigh for winning the In-house handicap singles title beating Kevin Bravant in the final. Eoghain had a significant lead in what was an excellent final, but Kevin took a full house and then a series of singles to make a late surge before Eoghain scrambled across the finishing line to a 21-15 victory.

Thanks to Bill Neal for marking the final.

Kevin Bravant plays Juan Abeal in the Gents Championship Final on Friday 17th with an 11.00 start with Bill Neal again marking the Final.

Geoff Collins, Christine Naughton and Ron Fox beat John Fenton, Simon Haskey and Angela Holt in the In-house Triples Final in 17 ends.

They will now play John Wilson, Mick Devine and John Rimell on Friday 17th at 11.00.

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