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At the FAB Meeting on the 2nd October the Federation Clubs all agreed to follow the Protocols as listed below to allow the League and various open and FAB competitions to go ahead this season.

This season is very much a season of changing requirements and as the pandemic continues we may find ourselves making many more unusual decisions to keep us all safe and hopefully continue to bowl.

The documents listed below have been uploaded to the home page of our website and are also contained in a book which will be retained at the club for your future reference. There is an hours reading in the various documents and I will try to cover the key points at the roll up sessions next week after the game to expedite the process. I also have a Spanish version in paper copy.

“Anexo1” is the form (in Spanish) that must be completed before every Competition begins (FAB and your own Club Open competitions, not our inhouse competitions)

Copies of the blank forms will be held at the club for you to complete before you go to the event. This form is English forms part of one of the Protocols.

“Anexo2” is the form (in Spanish) that ALL our Club members MUST sign to continue playing bowls, whether at our Club or competitively. It confirms that they understand the regulations and protocols that MLBC and the FAB have put into place and they are signing their agreement to follow them at all times. Again these forms will be available at the club from the 4th October.

“League Protocols” lists the agreed protocols for league games for this season. Members who sign Anexo2 also agree to follow these protocols.

“New Protocols September (LB)” are the protocols agreed for the sport of Lawn Bowls. Members who sign Anexo2 agree to follow these protocols.

“New Protocols September (FAB)” are the general protocols  issued by the FAB for all Bowls models under their umbrella.

Its not just our Committee that is responsible for making sure MLBC and its Club Members comply with the Protocols. Every member is responsible for ensuring all the other members of MLBC stay in full compliance while representing the club and playing either at home or away.

All of our Club members are to confirm their agreement to be in compliance by signing the form (Anexo2). Copies will be available at the club next week.

Our MLBC COVID protocols are being revised to comply with the latest documents listed above. I am also trying to find the latest rules that are applicable to the bar and indoor space associated with our Private members clubhouse which are not covered fully within the above documents or under commercial business rules.

Please take time to read the documents at your leisure.


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