FAB Malaga AGM & MoM Posted

Updated: May 26

The minutes for the FAB Malaga AGM and May meeting have been posted on our home page. Minutes from the previous Executive meetings can be found via the FAB Malaga link on the same page.

Main points from the Executive meeting-

As per the attached provisional Calendar Fridays have been allocated to Leagues commencing in September, but they are unlikely to commence before the week of 17th. Expected to be 2 consecutive Leagues ran in the period through to early December.

Format and duration of the Leagues is currently undecided given the uncertainty in club members available to participate.

Miraflores, Benavista and Mijas (Ball and Chain- 4 days) have been allocated a slot for an Open event before the end of the year.

The Malaga Championships will also be held in the period, but the disciplines will be spread out across the period and each member club will be allocated a discipline with Mijas hosting the singles competition over a 4 day period.

The Calendar for 2022 will be discussed at the next FAB Malaga meeting and the exact format of the Leagues for 2021 will be decided in late summer once we have more idea of member numbers for each participating club.

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