FAB news on relation of masks outdoors

As of the 26th June the Spanish National Government is relaxing the rule for wearing masks in public.

From that date you will be allowed to remove your mask outdoors If the minimum safe distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained.

From a Lawn Bowls perspective, this means we may forgo the wearing of masks on the green IF we can be certain that we can ensure that safe distance is kept.

Following discussions it was agreed that the only way to be certain that this could be done was to reduce the numbers congregating at each end, which should be kept to a maximum of TWO.

This is obviously no problem for the Skips, or Leads in Pairs matches. However for Triples matches where there would normally be 4 people in relatively close proximity, this makes keeping the 1.5 meter distance at all times more of a problem.

Therefore, in Triples matches:

When it is the turn of the Leads to bowl, the Seconds must stand at least TWO meters behind the non-bowler, whilst at the same time keeping TWO meters distance between each other and from bowlers on adjoining rinks. On longer Jack lengths this may require them to step off the green entirely.

· Once the Leads have bowled they must take up the positions their Seconds have vacated.

All other protocols remain in place as they currently stand - hand sanitising, disinfecting equipment, keeping to the right of the rink when crossing over, etc.

It should also be remembered that the relaxation in wearing masks is only allowed OUTDOORS.

Finally, whilst the National Government has brought in the new guidelines, the Regional Governments are NOT in favour of doing so. The President of Andalucia, (where the infection rate is once again rising rapidly and currently has the highest number of cases in Spain) has recommended that everyone continues to wear their masks at all times.

The FAB urges everyone to follow his recommendation – we have worked hard to keep safe, it would be unfortunate if we took unnecessary risks at this stage.

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