Future FAB Competition Format

At the recent FAB meeting a proposal was raised to alter the format of the FAB Knock out Competitions. The COVID epidemic, changes in club membership associated with Brexit as well as an ageing bowls population is thought to be the main reasons for reduced entries.

At the same meeting we also agreed to reduce the entry fees for Federation event to €5 after the Summer break.

The Federation rules currently state that these Competitions are played in either Gents or Ladies Formats when playing Singles, Pairs or Triples and Mixed when playing 4s.

The current rules also requires all Competitors in a given team to be Federated to the same club, but they may allow teams to be Open (ie multiple clubs in a team and any combination of gender).

In an attempt to increase the number of entries for future years the Federation has requested that each club canvas their members to assess if changes in the rules would encourage additional members to enter.

Within our Mijas membership we have a small core that enter almost every Federation event and others who enter Competitions held at Mijas as well as those that will not be interested in playing no matter what rule changes are made. I will put together a number of questions to determine if changes in the rules would encourage our members to increase their participation so that we can share our findings at the next Federation meeting.

A large number of our current membership have joined in the last 12 months and many are still lacking confidence in their own ability, but your thoughts and input will be appreciated so that going forward we consider your thoughts.

Q1. Do you currently enter Federation Competitions (excluding Leagues)

Q2 Would you prefer to enter as part of a team from multiple clubs.

Q3 Would you increase participation if Competitions were non gender specific.

Q4 What other change could be made for you to enter more.

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