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In-House Competition Updates

Updated: Jan 26

The In-house knock out competitions for Mijas Federated members have progressed to the final stages in 4 of the 5 events.

Congratulations to the following for reaching Finals.

Kevin Bravant vs Eoghain O'Braidaigh in the Handicap singles. To be played 16th February.

Ian Patterson/Chris Jewson vs Geoff Collins/Ian Gray- Pairs Final. 11.00 Friday 17th February

Juan Abeal vs Kevin Bravant Gents Championship Final. 11.00 Friday 17th February.

Sheila Wilson vs Chris Jewson, Final date to be agreed as Chris duplication with Pairs FinaL

Triples event has a semi final outstanding-

John Wilson, John Rimell and Mick Devine

Geoff C, Christine N and Ron vs Simon and to be organised as soon as Simon returns from the UK. Geoff Collins is already thru to the Pairs Final on the 17th February. If Geoff Collins qualify for the Final of the Triples we will organise a date suitable for both teams.

The updated sheets for all 5 competitions are included in this article.

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