Inhouse Summer League result

We played what will be the final set of games in the in-house summer league. With only 6 of the planned 8 games played the team Captains agreed to cut the League short due to the significant lead held by Team B.

Team B Juan and Steve beat Team C Manolo and Sheila 6-4

Team B Joan and Kevin beat Team A Pauline and Ian Gray 10-0

Team C Ian Patterson, Nabil and Billy (sub) beat Team A Lorraine, Clive and John R. 8-2

Final standings- Team B 89 points Juan, Steve, Kevin, Ron, John W and Joan C.

Team C 59 points John C, Ian Patterson, Sheila, Manolo, Nabil

Team A 32 points Clive, Lorraine, John R, Mick, Pauline, Ian Gray

A next competition will be organised and it will be based on individuals performance over a series of 10 days. Each day two members will be given the opportunity to pick their specific triple or pair and the two people who choose will play against each other.

The remaining player in attendance will then go into a blind draw.

Members of a winning team will share the same points and the losing team will share the pain of the loss by an equal but negative score.

As soon as everyone has had the chance to select their own team the remaining games will be a blind draw of all attendees to complete the series of 10 days.

If we still have the 18 attendees then everyone will have the chance to be a team selector with one game spare.

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