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Law of Bowls change.

Laws 37.1.3 and are rescinded with IMMEDIATE EFFECT

The following 2 rules that were introduced in the 4th Edition of the Laws of Sports have now been revoked.

These are the controversial laws about forfeiting a game. However, there is no reason to lift a bowl to allow your own bowl to pass or to stop one of your own teams bowls.

But if you do you will not forfeit the game if you do.

All Umpires and Markers should now cross them out of their law Books.

To be absolutely clear - 37.1.3 If a bowl in its original course is deliberately displaced or stopped by a member of the team that delivered the bowl, the defaulting team will forfeit the game to their opponent If a player lifts a bowl at rest on their rink to allow their team’s bowl in its original course to pass, the defaulting team will forfeit the game to their opponent.

These Laws are rescinded with immediate effect.

A memo from World Bowls was issued explaining the reasoning behind this, but the rule was not well received by players of the sport.

Kind regards

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