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Law of Lawn Bowls Quiz

Updated: Jan 21

The Federation for Lawn Bowls in Spain are preparing to order copies of the New Rule Book Edition 4 and have asked for each club to advise them of the required quantity for each of their members. We are currently unsure of the prices. Copies of the version without the Spain specific rules are available to download free of charge.

The Markers and Umpires will be issued a hard copy of the New Rule Books Free of Charge.

We will be putting together a series of questions on the Law of the Sports for Lawn Bowls.

A new set of questions will be put up every week and I will provide the answers to the previous weeks questions. I will use the 4th edition rules as the basis which you all should have. Please try to answer the quiz before seeing how well you do when you look at the Law of the Sports.

The first in this series is fairly straight forward and is related to Trial Ends and Delivery of the Jack.

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