League status as at 10th June

Updated: Jun 11

Mijas hold onto top spot in the Australian Summer Pairs League with an 8-2 win away at Saydo and our closest rivals Lauro also secured an 8-2 win at home against Saydo. Mijas maintain the 4 point lead going into our home game against Lauro on the 17th June.

The Final Aussie Pairs match will be away to Saydo on the 24th June.

Mijas 8-2 win in the Conventional Pairs League away at Saydo was enough to secure the League with one game remaining against La Posada at home on the 24th June.

The Mijas team in the Conventional Pairs have a bye next week and Saydo in 2nd place have a bye in the final week.

Well done to all our members who have contributed to our results so far in the Summer Leagues and to all those who have made our roll up sessions competitive and help develop our new members and the team spirit within the club.

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