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Malaga FAB meeting key points

Updated: Sep 23

At Septembers Malaga FAB meeting the following issues were addressed and agreed by the member clubs attending. The full minutes will be posted once approved.

Winter Leagues- Standard start time 10.30 for 11.00

The Tigers League has already been confirmed as being played with 4 x triples and we verified that the 4 clubs involved in the Lions League will play 4 x conventional pairs.

The match schedule posted a few months ago remain unchanged.

Malaga Challenge Cup- Will be played with 3 triples home and 3 triples away (18 players)

This removes the 4s format which has not been popular in previous years, but allows us to retain the 18 player when adopting an all triples format. The Competition was redrawn following the meeting with 6 (six) clubs.

25th October La Posada v Miraflores Saydo v Mijas 15th November Winners of the 2 matches above Benavista v Lauro 25th November (Final) Winners of the 2 matches above

venue tba

Open Entry Fees

It was agreed that individual clubs can set their own entry fees for their Open Competitions.

Club Uniforms

Clubs can opt to wear either back or white shorts/trousers for Competitions, but the complete team must wear the same colour. This is in line with world bowls guidance.

Measuring alternative

Clubs are encouraged to try the Bowlometer app over the next 2 months to decide on the shots scored in and end. The clubs representatives are to provide their feedback to the Umpires Committee to allow that Committee to decide if we can adopt it formally as a means of determining the shots scored in a Competitive match.

2024 Calendar

The draft 2024 Federation calendar will be prepared and issued for review by the member clubs based on similar timings to that of 2023. The venues for the various federation events will be discussed and agreed at a future meeting.

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