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Mijas carpet project update 12 July

Updated: 2 days ago

Mijas LBC are pleased to announce that we have taken delivery of the Dales Carpet and Underlay that has seen approximately 30 months of use at Javea. Given the first appearance of wear at the T area on rink 5 we fully expect to replace the complete carpet and underlay during the week commencing 19th August 2024 when member attendance is at its lowest and those attending normally play fewer ends. We expect this replacement carpet that was purchased at a bargain price should last us a minimum of 10 years. We invested in a new vacuum to improve our carpet maintenance and it is also on site.

We expect the Mijas LBC club to be closed to members and visitors after the Roll up on Sunday 11th August to allow us to complete all of the work including the renovation of the Bar and altering and replacing the door into the Bar area.

We have lifted the carpet away fro the side ditches on rink 1 and 6 and have removed the nails and will repair the concrete in those areas. We will play on the 4 middle rinks during roll ups to and including the 11th August.

We will temporarily roll back the carpet and underlay on the first 4m of each rink to allow us to check the condition of the concrete where it sees the most impacts from poorly released bowls. We do not expect our findings to affect our ability to play on the existing surface until Sunday 11th August and the carpet will be rolled back down to permit play.

We will completely remove the old carpet and conduct any remedial repairs from Monday 12th August. Before the replacement carpet can be fitted we expect to have to make some minor repairs to the concrete and hence the time between lifting the old carpet and the fitting of the new carpet.

Dales fitters are booked to arrive on the week commencing 19th August and they expect to complete fitting in 5 days. We hope to complete all the repairs and marking up the green and surrounds & walkway shortly after the Dales work is completed.

If possible we hope to be back on the green on Sunday 25th, but play on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the period 27th thru 6th September will be dependant on the type of work being conducted in the bar area during weekdays and we will assess and advise on the availability of the rinks nearer the time.

The renovation of the Bar area will commence mid August and is expected to be completed in the first week of September so access to the bar area will be restricted.

We will set up a temporary fridge in the riverside store for water and canned drinks and temporarily move the bowls owned by those that continue to attend through the Summer to avoid disturbing the work on the bar area.

It is a very extensive scope of work to replace the carpet and get ready for the main season and we ask our able members to provide as much assistance as possible to allow us to keep our costs down and allow us to reward those who are willing to help. The Committee agreed to providing a discount against next years membership for the volunteers. We have generated a list of bite size tasks that need to be completed to install the carpet and to improve our facilities before we start the new season. We encourage members to put their names down for the tasks they feel they are capable of completing.

The list has been posted in the club house. A presentation on the Project has been posted on the members page showing the work scope, costings and our detailed task list with our volunteer allocation to the tasks and progress.

We would appreciate your understanding and patience in not being able to play during the 2 to 3 week disruption in August.

I will update this news item as we progress through the project. The timeline of activities is below.

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