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Mijas -markers training

Mijas will conduct a marker course during the Summer season on Friday mornings, the exact dates will be set once we establish the interest and availability of those interested.

We hope that those who get involved complete the post training exam and become recognised and qualified markers and then progress to Umpires should the individuals feel comfortable in doing so.

However, should members wish to under take the training and do not wish to complete the formal exam we will be pleased to have their attendance. The Qualified Mijas Umpires will be conducting the training and we bring in an external Umpire to complete the test on our behalf.

Sessions will normally take a couple of hours and involve rules training and practical experience of measuring and other practical aspects of the game on the green.

A total of eight hours should be adequate to complete the Markers training.

We will post a sheet in the club house for members to add their names and advise of any periods when they would not be available.

We expect Mijas to host one of the Malaga Singles events in 2025 or 2026 and as a club we will be responsible to provide the markers for the event and our internal singles event will provide an opportunity to gain experience.

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