Mijas team names for 2022/23

Mijas currently have the team names of Cherokees and Apaches as a legacy from our previous President.

As we go forward it would be nice to have names that embody the feeling and buy in from the membership of our club.

Mijas League teams in the past were known as Swifts and Swallows which are birds often seen around our facilities and something we can relate to in our own environment.

Our next Leagues will start in September/October and we would need to advise the League Co ordinator of any change in our teams names before start of the next Leagues.

Should anyone want to propose an alternative set of team names for next season please put your suggestions into the Complaints/Suggestion box located inside the roller doors and the Executive Committee will organise a ballot of our members to agree our teams names going forward.

Suggest three names- to be able to cover first second and third teams, subject to the number of Leagues operating next season.

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