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Minutes of Meeting

The minutes from the September Committee Meeting have been added to the members page of the website and the official signed copy placed in the Minutes book at the club for review. During that meeting the Committee discussed a number of potential projects to improve the Mijas facilities and will be assessing the feasibility to complete some of these within our 2023 budget.

The Toilet upgrade are due to start on Monday 18th September and be completed by the end of the week and the contractor is expecting to be able to keep one WC in use for our roll up sessions. The Committee have also provided the go ahead for repairs to the entry gate, the addition of a bike rack at the top of the stairs as well as some alterations to the ground work in that area.

The Committee will organise a pre-season clean up day in early October to prepare the club ready for the Winter League season. Attached is a list of the various jobs to be undertaken or that are in process. Should members be willing to undertake a task prior please feel free to do so.

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