Quad Club KO Challenge Rules

Here you will find the rules and schedule of games for the next FAB Competition to be held commencing Friday 21st May and running through tot he second week of June.

This involves a number of Singles and team formats playing in a knockout format while contributing to the clubs points total for winning a game during the knockout phases and in with the potential of picking up bonus points in the final.

The 4 men and 4 ladies selected to represent Mijas in the Singles will all play against a Lauro member in round 1 and the allocation of a home or away tie will be decided on Wednesday 19th May. The singles will be held on 3 consecutive Fridays ending with the semi final and final at Mijas.

Sheila Wilson, Joan Corbett, Pauline Ward and Pauline Ball

Juan Abeal, Ian Gray and either Steve Ward or Ian Patterson plus either Manolo Suarez or Bill Neil will make up the mens representatives in round 1.

Mijas teams for the pairs and triples formats will be announced in a few weeks time.

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