Speed limit changes pending.

Its not only Mijas LBC that enforce speed restrictions to keep us safe with no running on the green. We are going to have to take it easier on route to the club and going about our normal business.

Tráfico reminds drivers of new speed limits as Spain becomes first country in world to set default of 30km/h in built-up areas when the legislation comes into effect from 11 May, the new speed limits will be:

20 km/h – roads with pavement unseparated from carriageway

30 km/h – urban roads with only one lane in each direction

50 km/h – roads with two or more carriageways in each direction

Tráfico says that ayuntamientos can allow exceptions where they deem it appropriate, but the new limits of built-up areas are intended fundamentally to calm traffic, bringing additional benefits of noise and pollution reduction, and fuelling other more environmentally friendly types of transport such as walking, bicycles, etc.

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