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Spring League format undecided

At the FAB Meeting on the 8th March a discussion was held regarding the Spring League format which is due to start on Friday 21st April. Last year we had 5 clubs involved and we hope to get the same level of interest for the upcoming League.

The League is likely involve the clubs playing home and away against the same club on any given week and the League will last a maximum of 5 weeks with a potential for one of those weeks being a bye. Lauro, Saydo, La Posada and Mijas have confirmed interest and Benavista is canvasing their members to see the level of interest.

We are hoping that the League will involve 18 players as 3 triples home and the other 3 triples away, should all the clubs be unable to field 18 players then the League will be reformatted to allow teams of 14 players with a couple of pairs and a triple at each location.

A sheet has been posted on the League board for members to confirm their interest in playing in the Spring League irrespective of what the format ends up as. We have to confirm our interest level to the Federation by the 18th March to allow the schedule to be prepared.

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