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Summer upgrades at Mijas.

Updated: Sep 4

The Summer months are the opportunity to make improvements in preparation for the start of the main winter season and the Committee has been busy making changes for the benefit of its members and visitors. Many of these changes are related to improved safety when accessing the club house and the playing surface as well as upgrading the WCs.

All work will be completed by the end of September and none of the work should prevent us from continuing with our normal roll up sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays.

We have completed the replacement of the WC doors and work on the upgrade of the internal areas starts on the 18th September and should be complete in a week. The work scope includes re-tiling, boxing in pipework as well as raising the WC and fitting hand grabs in that area.

We have completed the addition of hand grabs on the pillars leading from the walk way to the playing surface and a hand rail has been fitted to aid access from the main walkway to the viewing area along the riverside. The pushers and mats will be allocated a space on the club house bank at each rink to ensure the hand garbs are always accessible.

A new extended handrail has been fitted on the main stair from the car park and a stair lift is now operational on the roadside of the stairs. We are investigating the installation of a new gate to further improve the safety of stairlift users. The stairlift can also be used to assist in the conveyance of our bar stock.

We have extended the size of the store inside the club house and this now provides the main bowls storage area while still retaining a similar size stock room.

New green scoreboard covers have been fitted.

Hopefully our members can benefit from these improvements for many years to come and enable our less able members and visitors to extend their enjoyment of the sport and facilities at Mijas.

Looking forward to the coming season and the return of our non residents.

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