Triangle Summer Singles update

On Sunday 22nd May nine members were involved in the Summer Singles Competition and this now makes a total of 7 mini round robin games completed.

Rink 1 -Hosted a very competitive triangle of matches involving Mandy Haskey, Angela Holt and Ian Patterson. In all three matches the result could have swung in favour of any of the group members. In the end the match point scores were: 1 point for Mandy, 3 points for Angela and Ian topped the trio with 7 points.

Rink 2 - Ian Gray managed to hold his recent good form and defeated both John Rimmell and Simon Haskey. Again these games were fairly low scoring matches. Ian Gray managed to score 4 match points and 2 bonus points to hold a commanding position with 6 points overall.

Rink 3 - Was an interesting mix of matches. Sheila Wilson performed exceptionally well to defeat Juan Abeal by 6 shots to 4 in the opening match up. In the 2nd game Juan Abeal accumulated 3 bonus points with a high scoring 17 against George Roullier. George had an excellent tied match with 5 shots each against Sheila earning him 1 bonus and 1 match point.

Prior to each roll up members will have the option to be included in the draw for a Triangle Singles match or opt to play in the normal roll up session.

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