Umpires and Coaches training

At the November Federation meeting it was agreed to holding an Umpires Course during December and a Coaches Training course in 2023.

The Umpire training is open to any Federated Member to attend and provides the attendee with a solid understanding of the rules and normally takes around 4 to 5 days to complete including the final exam.

Mijas have John Wilson, Eoghain O'Braidaigh, Bill Neal and Clive Nuttall all completed the Umpires exam and Sheila Wilson and Ian Patterson who completed the markers course.

If any of the Mijas members would like to upgrade, or someone want to be an Umpire, please register as soon as possible.

The minutes of the November Federation meeting has been posted on the Home page should you wish to review what has been discussed and agreed.

Anyone who failed the last course is also welcome and they may choose to attend the all of the course, just the days that they need to revise or just take the exam on the Final day.

Please let either Roy Saunders or Ron Jones know if anyone at your Club is interested – include the email address of the person concerned as we need to send stuff out in advance of the course.

Closing date for registration is 7th

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We have posted the November Management minutes of meeting to our members page. If you are interested in finding out more about how the club is being ran please take a minute to review these minutes.