Malaga Region-Phase 1 @ 18th May.

Updated: May 16

The Malaga region has been granted Phase 1 status in relation to the COVID 19 restrictions and we can commence bowling on Tuesday 19th for those without underlying health issues.

Please read the latest FEB and CSD Guidelines below.

Our Maintenance man Juan Jimenez has procured the dispenser/fluids and protective equipment and will conduct the first sanitisation per the requirements on Monday. I will be at the club with Juan to agree the processes and scope required.

Please note that we will not be opening up the clubhouse during the remainder of Phase 1 so members should bring their own water/drinks and glasses until further notice.

Our own club rules are complete to ensure the safety of our members and these have been emailed to members and posted one our home page.

A copy will be available at the club house along with safety notices.

All rink bookings restricted to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to reduce the costs and allow the time for the sanitisation work to be performed by Juan.

Play will be restricted to 3 or 4 rinks of pairs with morning and afternoon sessions available to us during phase 1 Contact John Wilson for rink bookings and should you suffer any symptoms. It is likely we will move to triples as we progress through the phases.

Consider sticking to the same social groups to minimise the risk of cross contamination.

Remember to carry your federation cards when at the club.

FAB/FEB document follows. (this is also on the home page.

18th May

Amended to take into account latest FEB and CSD Guidelines (13th May).

Greens to re-open for limited use, in line with Government, CSD and FEB guidelines. Basic sanitary requirements such as disinfecting facilities before and after use, should be done as a matter of course. Below, items in red are part of government guidelines.

  1. Only available to Federated players from within the same municipality of the bowling green. All participants MUST carry their Federation Licences with them when they play or practice.

  2. A maximum of 4 players per Rink. Time slots to be used if necessary and a booking system should be introduced to ensure overcrowding is avoided.

  3. A register of players and visitors should be kept, showing names, contact details, date and time of visits.

  4. Social Distancing to be observed at all times.

  5. Socialising before and after a session to be in compliance with Social Distancing regulations (i.e. outside on the terrace, 2m between people) and limited in time.)

  6. Mats, Jacks and other bowls equipment to be disinfected at the start of each day and the end of each session.

  7. No shaking hands or close contact between players at the beginning and end of games.

  8. When changing ends walk on the right hand side (without stopping), 1m. from the centre line, in single file at 2m. distance.

  9. If the length of the green permits it, all jacks should be cast 1 m. up from the tee up to a maximum of 1m. less than full length to give plenty of room behind the mat where players should always position themselves in such a way to maintain 2m. distance.

  10. Disinfectant /hand sanitizer to be available and used at the beginning and throughout the session.

  11. Bowls bags and any sports equipment may not be touched or shared by anyone other than its owner.

  12. Use disposable towels

  13. Do not share water bottles or the like.

  14. Do not touch your face during the course of training, or bring the ball close to it.

  15. Once the training is finished, the facilities and game elements must be disinfected.

  16. The Clubs has appointed John Wilson as the coordinator, whose name and contact details has been sent the General Coordinator appointed by the FEB.

  17. The Club Co-ordinator (John Wilson) will be responsible for informing the General Co-ordinator of any incidents regarding possible or confirmed cases of Covid 19 infection within their Club.

  18. The Club must keep a record of anyone who visits or trains at the Club, with name, date and time and contact information, in case it becomes necessary to trace anyone who has come into contact with such a case. This will be at the club for Tuesday morning

  19. The person responsible for disinfecting must be equipped with a protective suit, FFP3 face mask and pressure dispenser.

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