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Spanish Nationals-Mijas update

Updated: May 12

Day 1 the Mijas members were unable to win any of their first qualifying rounds, with Tommy losing to a home club Champion in round 1, Bente lost in the final end of a tie break and John lost to Graham Shoots in straight sets after sitting out session 1.

Sheila lost to Lisa Bonsar and Lorna (Almeria) in her 2nd game.

Day 2- John won both games in final tie break end

Sheila won he only game in tie break.

Bente won a game and lost a game both in tie breaks

Tommy lost a game in a tie break and the other game by 1 1/2- 1/2

Day 3- John won and lost a game both on tie breaks

Sheila won on her only game

Bente lost her only game in 2 sets

Tommy won and lost a game, both on tie breaks.

Day 4 - Sheila and Bente played and lost 1 game each.

John and Tommy both played 2 games and won a game each with both Tommys games going to the tie break. Johns games were both completed in 2 sets.

Day 5- Unfortunately only John managed a Tie Break win on the final day of the League qualifiers, but failed to progress due to a lower number of sets won in his group. Sheila lost in a tie break, while Tommy and Bente lost in 2 sets.

Ladies event was won by Lisa Bonsar (Greenlands host club), runner up Lorna (Almeria Region).

Gents event was won by Graham Shoots (Almeria Region), runner up Pete Bonsar (Greenlands Host club).

It. is expected that the 2025 Spanish Nationals will be held in the Almeria Region.

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